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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Canadian Tenors and ME

I got the tickets to go and see the Canadian Tenors this past week for my birthday in October and I bought the VIP tickets because I wanted the chance to say a lil Hello and get a photo taken!!! I didn't get a chance to say all that I wanted to say, in all truth I am actually quite shy so I am proud that I actually did say some of the things I wanted to!!! First their show was quite amazing and the music was beautiful. It was something to see at the right time to really get you into the Christmas spirit as at this time of year as I really do miss my Atlanta peeps!!! I brought a friend with me, the friend who actually introduced me to the Canadian Tenors so it made this night that much more fun!!! We had front row seats and it was a little intimidating to me because they were bang right there in front of your face. Don't get me wrong I know that they are people too and if I get star struck it's only a little bit!!! The fact that I was so thirsty and having coughing fits and I kept trying to stifle my coughs so not to interrupt any part of their amazing singing made me feel that way too!!! The true reason why I wanted to meet them is that I have a 3 and a 2 year old daughter and one day I came downstairs to see my 3 year old off in the corner singing Hallelujah and it made my heart burst!!! I had played the famous Oprah video with Celine Dion a few times I guess!!! I love Celine too!!! I loved the song Hallelujah even before I heard the Tenors sing it!!! In fact every time I hear it I have to just stop and listen!!! Justin Timberlake did a version of it on the Hope for Haiti telethon!!! I can't remember who he sang it with!!! But for the Canadian Tenors to not only move me through the words and the music but my little girl as well was quite special to me and I wanted to tell them so!!! Now I didn't get to say all of it the way I wanted but I spoke up and didn't let any shyness get in the way!!! I had a great night with a friend too something that comes far and few inbetween for me so it was a nice night out and glad to have shared it with her and hope to get to do it all again with her one day!!!
These guys not only sing but they sing in other languages too and not only do they sing they play instruments too!!! See the whole package!!! I got to talk with Victor and Fraser!!! I talked with Victor first and I told him I had a three year old lil girl who sings Hallelujah and he said he has a two year old little boy who sings it as well!!! I think I told him it means the world to me!!! I pretty much told Fraser the same thing and he said that they get alot of videos of little kids singing it and I am pretty sure I told him thank you because it meant the world to me to hear my lil girl sing it!!! I have loved music since I was a lil girl and in terms of it I am all over the map!!! The only thing I forgot to tell the Canadian Tenors was thank you for the picture and that I hope they have a very Merry Christmas!!! So if you are a Tenor and reading this Merry Christmas!!! Hahaha!!! If you are not a Tenor and reading this Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well!!! Take care and Have fun!!!

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